Ambulance service seems fine in southwest Sask. health region


Blake Campbell hasn’t had to worry about staffing issues at the Gull Lake and District Road Ambulance Corporation, but he sympathizes with the region.

“My understanding is they don’t have as many full-time people, which I think probably could contribute to that being harder to staff,” said Campbell, who manages the service and is also mayor of Gull Lake.

“Just because you’re smaller, your call volume’s less, that can be a challenge sometimes as to keeping people.”

The town’s non-profit ambulance service is contracted by the health region to offer emergency services, funded by a government grant and fees for service.

“We have been fortunate here. Most of my guys have been here” a long time, said Campbell, who has been an EMT for 28 years. The two other full-timers have been there nearly 10 years.

Via: The Leader Post

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