Chinook SD Receives More Funding in Reallocation

Written by Juanita Tuntland on Monday, 03 November 2014

Chinook SD Receives More Funding in Reallocation Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Chinook School Division

The Government of Saskatchewan is reallocating $4.6 million in funding to support students and teachers in Saskatchewan classrooms.

“Student enrolment in Saskatchewan continues to grow and we know that means diversity in the classroom is all growing,” Education Minister Don Morgan said in a statement on Friday. “Based on feedback from the sector, we are reallocating $4.6 million to provide additional front-line supports where it’s needed most – in the classroom.”

Of that funding, $3.5 million has been distributed to school divisions with $178,000 going to the Chinook School Division.

“This is a mid budget allotment, so our budget has already been set, but as anyone knows who has goes through a budget process some things get chopped, and this reallocation may allow us to put some of those things back in place or they may be some new needs that come forward that get address as a result of this funding,” said Liam Choo-Foo, Director of Education for the School Division. “I think it is a very good news announcement, we’re very happy anytime we can get some extra supports that we can put in place in our schools and in our classrooms for the benefits of students.”

The funding being reallocated was originally earmarked to capital assets within the Student Achievement Initiative in the 2014-15 Budget, but that initiative is no longer included in the Ministry of Education’s work since the approval of the Education Sector Strategic Plan in April.

The money will be used by school divisions to invest in a number of areas, including additional teachers, assistants, speech language pathologists and new technology.

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