Communities in Bloom Judges Evaluation Highlights

Communities in Bloom Judges Evaluation Highlights GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Town Beautification  Communities in Bloom

The CIB Committee held its last meeting of the year during which the official evaluation was reviewed. Gull Lake had another successful year in the CIB program scoring 3 Blooms in the competitive category. Below are some of the highlights of the evaluation:


“We applaud the many improvements your committee has achieved during the past year. Your community has embraced the positive attributes of the CIB model and recognizes the value it brings to your community”

“Your spirit is alive and well throughout the community. Your efforts have changed the attitudes of your citizens; channelling their focus on important issues that impact their lives such as environmental activities, heritage undertakings, tidiness activities and community pride; each instilling a renewed sense of care for one another and increased comfort in the place you proudly call your home.”

‘The campground is very well maintained.”

“Your sports and recreation facilities are unsurpassed by many communities your size. All were found to be maintained and in very good condition.”

TIDINESS (Scored 104.5 points out of 150 points)

Judges Observations

The Minigolf is a nice idea but is desperately in need of a major facelift. The structures are small and look uninviting.
The tennis and basketball courts look very tired.

CONGRATULATIONS to the voulunteers that not only took the time to paint one prominient building downtown but also helped the neighbor paint and went one step further by painting the trim on the third building. This effort had a dramatic effect on sprucing up the downtown core.

Acquiring a bylaw enforcement officer was a great move on behalf of Town Council. Thos role can have a very positive impact on the struggles some CIB communities have in their communities in terms of tidiness.

ENVIORMENTAL ACTION (Scored 87.5 points out of 150 points)

Judges Observations

Husky Oil completion of the brownfield project is a very welcome achievement.

Good planning went into the new subdivision. Swales have been incorporated to manage rainfall runoff.

Woodchips were used to cover areas by fences.

The introduction of a community garden and areas of xeriscaping in the community with garded hose access was a wise decision.

Herritage Conservation (Scored 115.5 points out of 150 points)
Judges Observations

The Lyceum Theatre operated solely by volunteers is without a doubt a huge entertainment asset to your community; one in which we certainly could feel the pride radiating from your council, administration and CIB committee as we toured the facility.

The restoration of the Wong’s Shoe Repair pays tribute to a gentleman that had a profound effect on the citizens of your community during a critical point in its history. Your efforts are certainly to be rewarded as this project unfolds while exhaustion is replaced with a strong sense of satisfaction. We wish you the very best in this endeavour.

It’s nice to see your group involve the community as you embrace and expand the banner program.

URBAN FORESTRY (Scored 117 points out of 175 points)

Judges Observations

There is a very nice array of drought resistant trees at the entry points to your community. They look great but consider adding some strategically placed perennial grasses (i.e. Carl Forestor Reed Grass). They are more evident during winter months since as still retain their complete form.

It is a very nice gesture for the town to provide trees to the residents for their boulevards. It carries the benefits of maintaining the tree inventory and gives a sense of ownership to the community while ensuring a selected variety is geerally utilizrd throughout the community.

The memorial garden trees and signage requires regular maintenance. Possibly the CIB committee could appeal to the community to find an individual or individuals that would volunteer to adopt this.

LANDSCAPE (Scored 135.5 points out of 200 points)

Judges Observations

Council and CIB members have extended a vast amount of effort to successfully improve the entrances and the downtown core of the community and we must say it looks terrific. It may be time to consider directing more effort into communicating with the residents in some way that would increase the overall percentage of properties improved through the buy-in with your CIB program.

There is an obvious and reportedly awesome support from the community at large when called upon by special projects.

Floral Displays (Scored 112 points out of 175 points)

Judges Observations

The decision to install castle style planters in two locations that are self-watering is a very wise choice; one that should be made by all communities.

The curb side signage recognizing your residents for outstanding care if their properties in line with Communities in Bloom ideologies is a great idea. This is a great step toward increasing the interest of neighbors and others to come on board and improve their own property.

Special Mention

Community involvement in the operation of a top rated community movie theatre.  Very active cemetery committee has set a high standard for others to follow.





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  • We as a community have made great strides in what we have accomplished. But we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Not only in 2015 but the yrs. to come. But with more volunteers getting on board the load will be easier. I am proud of what we have accomplished to this point as I walk or drive around town to show off to others what we have done. I feel a lot of civic pride welling up and a lot of great memories flooding back. Come on Gull Lakes be a part of something unique and leave your mark on this community not only for yourself but also the generations to come.

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