Speed Sign Traffic Information (October 10th to November 4th)

Speed Sign Traffic Information (October 10th to November 4th) GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Traffic Information Traffic Count Information #37 highway

The Town’s speed sign located at the south entrance of town records both the vehicle count and speed information of vehicles coming into town from the South on the #37 highway.  The information provided was collected between October 10th and November 4th of 2014.  Below is some of the information that was extracted from the download:

Traffic Count Information:

Total number of vehicles for the period was 17,762 vehicles.

Average number of vehicles per day 710

87% of the vehicles enter the town between 7AM and 7PM

Between the hours of 7AM & 7PM there is approximately 50 vehicles per hour entering the town from the south.

Traffic Peaks at around 3PM.

Traffic Speed Information:

The posted speed limit at the Town Entrance is 40 km/h per hour.

The Average Speed of vehicles in the zone is 51 Km/h

The Highest Speed recorded for the period was 70 Km/h

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