Speed Sign Traffic Information (October 10th to November 4th)

The Town’s speed sign located at the south entrance of town records both the vehicle count and speed information of vehicles coming into town from the South on the #37 highway.  The information provided was collected between October 10th and November 4th of 2014.  Below is some of the information that was extracted from the download:

Traffic Count Information:

Total number of vehicles for the period was 17,762 vehicles.

Average number of vehicles per day 710

87% of the vehicles enter the town between 7AM and 7PM

Between the hours of 7AM & 7PM there is approximately 50 vehicles per hour entering the town from the south.

Traffic Peaks at around 3PM.

Traffic Speed Information:

The posted speed limit at the Town Entrance is 40 km/h per hour.

The Average Speed of vehicles in the zone is 51 Km/h

The Highest Speed recorded for the period was 70 Km/h

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