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The Following Article will be featured in the SPRA December Issue
A COMMUNITY IN BLOOM GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Town Beautification  Community Communities in Bloom

It all started with an idea for the Town of Gull Lake. How do you make an already beautiful town, even more beautiful? The answer came through Communities in Bloom

Greenspaces are important features in any community. They are the anchor that ties our communities to the land that they sit on. As more and more communities start to implement Community Development and Economic Development programs it is important to consider community greenspaces and outdoor features. Many people will agree that a community that looks good, feels good. Communities that take pride in their spaces are appealing to visitors, surrounding residents and prospective businesses, encouraging continued growth and development of residential and business areas.

It all started with an idea for the Town of Gull Lake. How do you make an already beautiful town, even more beautiful? The answer came through Communities in Bloom (CiB).  At first, it began with a flower here, a flower there in April and May but by June, the entire town was blooming. Trees were planted where there once were empty lots, signs were replaced and the entire community jumped on board with the endeavour.

The recycling centre, once only a lot with a few bins, now featured several trees. An old building across the street now had its entire siding replaced. The 104 year old building that houses the local newspaper also went through extensive renovations prior to Communities in Bloom.

One night the fire hydrants were a dull colour, the next, they were a vibrant red, painted by the town crews to make the town stand out.  Through all of this hard work, the volunteers of Communities in Bloom must be singled out. Volunteers with the town spent every weekend of the spring and summer, painting, cleaning and constructing. Almost overnight a community garden had sprung up, tended to by volunteers and local school children.  The swimming pool had a fresh coat of paint and all over town houses were being spruced up prior to the day the judges would arrive. It was impossible to walk down any street and find a house that didn’t have flowers planted somewhere on the property.

If there was a prize for the town that saw the biggest change and most community involvement, chances are you would see Gull Lake in the top three at the very least.  

Gull Lake will continue to flourish and develop. Pocket parks continue to be developed, our new Xeriscape Garden continues to grow and businesses are sprucing up their storefronts as our downtown continues to be revitalized. Residents are also on board. The exceptional participation in our local CiB contests shows the real desire of homeowners to showcase their properties.

This spring and summer, the community banded together and showed why this little town on the TransCanada was one of the most bloomin’ beautiful in Canada.

Craig Baird
Gull Lake, Communities in Bloom

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