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Festival of Wreaths coming to Gull Lake

By Jordan Parker
The Festival of Wreaths is set to start a new holiday tradition in Gull Lake this year. “We’ve never done it before here. We had seen the Festival of Trees done other places, but always thought it was too big,”said Jodi Willman, an organizer for the event.

“But we decided to try this year in order to raise money for the track and football field relocation. We are starting small, and have asked for a handful of people to make wreaths and donate them.”

The track and field club are spearheading the event, and there will be a silent auction, with different wreaths up for bid. They’ll be on display at Gull Lake School during the Carol Festival and also on Facebook.

Willman is hoping for a variety of differently decorated wreaths.

“We want some decorative ones and maybe some sports themed ones. I’m not sure of all the angles we could take. I’d love to see a Roughrider one and festive ones,” she said.

Willman said she found the Festival of Wreaths by accident, but thought it was a great idea.

“It’s just get for getting people into the holiday spirit. We had never tried it before, and I thought we needed something different,” said Willman.

“A tree takes up so much space, and a wreath just takes up your door. It’s done all over, including in Humboldt and  Chicago.”

The track and field fundraiser has been a focal point for community fundraising for months, and Willman said it seems to be “the one we notice the most.

“The football team did so well this year, and we were waiting for them to finish the season before we started work. We are halfway to the funds, so we have a good start,” she said.

“The ground may be too hard to get very far this year, but things are moving along.” Willman hopes for a good fundraiser, but hasn’t set a specific goal.

“We’re happy with whatever we make.  If this is well-received we’ll look at doing it again, and next time we’ll go bigger.”

Willman says community support is crucial for the success of the Festival of Wreaths. “Without their support, there are no buyers or wreathmakers. Right now, we’re going small and hoping for support.  Hopefully people will spread the word. Doing it in conjunction with the Carol Festival will help,” she said.

“Christmas season is pending, and then all of a sudden it’s here. Hopefully people are in the spirit. You kind of have to jump in with both feet and then Christmas is gone.”

The Festival of Wreaths, in support of the track and field renovations, is being sprearheaded by the track and field club. The wreaths will be on display at the Gull Lake School on Sunday, Dec. 3 prior to and during the Carol Festival, and pictures will also be on Facebook.

The silent auction runs until Monday, Dec. 8 at 3 p.m. The wreaths will then be delivered or shipped to the highest bidder. You can also vote for your favorite wreath. Each vote costs a dollar, and the designer with the most votes will win a
prize package.

Votes will be taken until Thursday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. and the winner will be announced at the Downtown Community

Via: The Gull Lake Advance Extra

Festival of Wreaths coming to Gull Lake GULL LAKE  Gull Lake School Community

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