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Our Volunteers: The Gull Lake Rink Board

Our Volunteers: The Gull Lake Rink Board Government GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Volunteers Town Council Gull Lake Recreation Complex


Gull Lake is fortunate to have many residents that volunteer their time to help make our community a better place to live.   The groups, organizations, and committees they help provide our community with the facilities, programs, and events that we all enjoy.

Each month a group, organization or committee will be featured in a post on the town website.  With winter now upon us our attention will be focused on our winter recreation facilities. We will start December featuring the Gull Lake Rink Board.

The Rink Board is responsible for the upkeep and staffing of the entire recreation complex: rink, bowling alley, and hall. The Board orchestrates fundraisers, from smaller raffles to the big Trip of the Month draws, to bring in extra revenue in order to keep rink fees as low as possible.

Recently, the Rink Board renovated the bathrooms in the bowling alley, and organized, supervised and helped with the replacement of the boards and glass on the ice surface. Future plans include replacing lighting and overhauling bathrooms, dressing rooms and the kitchen within the rink.

Members of the Rink Board are:

Richie Bleau (Chairman)
Brendan Jones (Vice Chairman)
Diane Brown (Treasurer)

Heather Hodgins
Rob Myers
Kim Holizki
Maverick Holmes
Brad Keller
Corinna Gibson
Sara Kuntz
Tracey Stenson
Nasser Zanidean
Dan McPhee
Karen Bye
Craig Baird

Town Council extends a big thanks to the rink board members, staff, coaches,  and volunteers who help with the operation of the Gull Lake Recreation Complex.

By Mayor Blake Campbell

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