Drones are becoming more and more accessible to the average person and it seems that YouTube is full of videos of drones being piloted through the skies of North America. With drones becoming so popular, Gull Lake is excited to be hosting what could possibly be the first ever Drone Air Show, in Canada and possibly the world.

The air show will feature drone pilots from throughout the prairies, showing off their drone aircraft, competing in obstacle course and races, and teaching responsible drone use.

“This presents an opportunity for people to come out and learn about this new consumer technology, see what they can do with drones, but also learn how drones should be used safely and legally,” Festival organizer Craig Baird said.
Preliminary planning is beginning at this point, and organizers are looking to find drone pilots who want to take part and register. Registration for the drone air show continues well into the New Year, but organizers would like to get a good idea of how many pilots will be coming so they can plan the activities and everything else that will be needed.

Drone pilots will not only be able to show off their drones, but they will also have the chance to win prizes in the various competitions.

If you are interested in taking part in the air show, contact Craig Baird at or at 306-671-0055. Or confirm your attendance on our Facebook Page Event Page.

Currently, the drone air show is scheduled for July 26, 2015 in Gull Lake.

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