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Gull Lake delights with Old-Fashioned Christmas

By Jordan Parker

Gull Lake put on their annual Old-Fashioned Christmas last week, showing
their infinite appreciation for residents and customers.

The Canada Post Office and Royal Bank of Canada had treats early in the day for residents, with festivities beginning as a whole at 5 p.m.

Everywhere from the Lyceum Theatre, to the liquor store, to Decades Diner, the library, Shannon’s Hair Studio, the convenience store, Quilts ’N Treasures and the Gull Lake Bakery provided goodies.

They were but a few of the many businesses involved in the event, organized by Gull Lake’s Western Financial Group, in conjunction with local businesses.

“It’s kind of a customer appreciation day from the downtown businesses.  We don’t have a huge downtown core, but the businesses got together about a decade ago and wanted to do something for people at Christmas time,” said Mike Vallee, Managing Partner for Gull Lake’s Western Financial branch.

“This is more a get-together. We don’t focus on making money … This is just a way to say thank you each year to our customers.”

Jeanne Kirwan, owner of Tayberry’s Gifts on Proton St. said she always has meat trays, salami, cheese and crackers out. She also provides an array of spreads.

“They do something like this up in Cabri … It’s really about giving back to the customers,” said Kirwan.  She’s made sure to be involved since the Old-Fashioned Christmas began years ago.  “There are a lot of people every year.  Kids love the hayrides,” she said. “We really appreciate people staying here and shopping at home. But this event is about fellowship and keeping people around. People could be in Swift Current shopping, but instead we stay home and visit with neighbours. It’s a time to be together.”

The fire station provided truck rides for kids, with constant lines all night.  Smiling faces were everywhere as people young and old came out to celebrate their community and be with each other.

The Gull Lake Kinettes provide hay rides each year, which were also a hit with event-goers.

Brent Pedersen brings his flatbed trailer with bales of hay in it every year and kids are driven around town.

He started eight or nine years ago, and has been doing it ever since.

“This gets the community involved.  Most winter days everyone is in doing nothing. This gets people around,” he said.   “Businesses are advertising and this shows what they do. It’s good for everybody.”

The town’s mayor, Blake Campbell, says events like this are important for Gull Lake.

“When the town comes together and works to do an event, it’s a really amazing thing,” said Campbell. “It’s great to see a small town be able to work and collaborate together.”

“Old-Fashioned Christmas is our way of getting together as a community and really appreciating each other this time of year.”

Via: Gull Lake Advance Extra

Gull Lake delights with Old-Fashioned Christmas Business GULL LAKE  Small Business Old-Fashion Christmas Community

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