Town Council to Seek Community Input in 2015

Town Council to Seek Community Input in 2015 Economic Development GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Mayor's Report

The Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA) provides a service to help municipalities plan for the future. The service will help provide Council with the first steps towards creating an action plan. Town Council will be taking advantage of the service, and a Community Capacity Coach from SEDA will meet with Council in January 2015

The Community Capacity Coach will meet with Council for an initial discussion about community needs. Then information collected from that meeting will be taken by the Coach, and community surveys will be developed. The purpose of the surveys will be to engage residents, and give them a say in what they would like to see happen in Gull Lake.

There are many benefits to undertaking this important initiative for our community. Benefits such as:

1. Community engagement is critical to community development because it offers a way for Council to hear what the community has to say, and base decisions on that information.

2. Help Council identify and address misinformation in the community.

3. Engaging the community is a critical part of funding modles such as grants or development loans. People want to know that our community is on board with decisions made by council.

4. Provides a starting point for more conversations.

5. Many decisions made by Councils have impacts on future generations. It is important that Councils make every effort to include the community at large, particularly when development projects require funding from the tax base, fundraising and volunteer support.

6. Provides a tangible document that can be used to create a base line of information for a development plan.

Whatever the future may hold for our community to a large extent is dependent on what we want to see happen.  This initiative will ensure that everyone can have a say in the future of our great community!!!

Mayor Campbell

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