Government Ends Lean Consultant Contract Early

Written by Steven Wilson on Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Government Ends Lean Consultant Contract Early Government Health & Wellness  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan government has announced that they are ending their contract with John Black and Associates, the American-based consulting firm hired to implement Lean initiatives in health regions across the province.

The contract was originally scheduled to end in June of 2015, and there was an option to extend it to September, but the contract will now be ending in March.

“In no way means that Lean is coming to an end in Saskatchewan,” said Health Minister Dustin Duncan “We’re going to continue with implementing lean into the healthcare system.”

Duncan says that there are over 200 healthcare workers who have been trained in Lean, and they will be taking over the implementation of the program.

The Opposition New Democrats have long been critical of the Lean program, which was designed to cut costs and streamline healthcare services. While the NDP are pleased to see the contract with John Black end, Leader Cam Broten says the major issues have yet to be addressed.

“There is no recognition by this government that this is the wrong course, and that it’s causing issues here in Saskatchewan,” Broten said.

By ending the contract early, the province will save approximately $3 million. Duncan added that there was no directive to end the contract early because of what is being anticipated as a tight budget in the new year.

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