Province Launching Cost-Sharing Recycling Program

Written by Colin Powers on Monday, 05 January 2015

Province Launching Cost-Sharing Recycling Program Government  Recycling Government of Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan government is moving forward with a new province-wide Multi-Material Recycling Program, which is due to launch early this year.

The program is a cost-sharing program between businesses and municipalities to help pay for the collection and recycling of different packaging and materials, such as glass, plastic, tin and paper products.

“If any businesses are contributing those packaging materials and any paper into the household waste stream, they are responsible for participating in the program,” said Wes Kotyk, Executive Director of the Ministry of Environment’s Protection Division. “There are some exemptions. If you are smaller than $2 million revenue or are producing less than one tonne of material, and if you’re not the producer or a first importer of those products, you may not have to report those.”

Kotyk adds people and municipalities are looking forward to the program, saying the program should help remove an increased a large amount of waste from landfills, and increase the service life of landfills.

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