Saskatchewan Jobless Rate Still Lowest in Canada

Written by Shanna Empey on Monday, 12 January 2015
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For the 25th consecutive month, Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 3.7% in December, and the lowest jobless rate among youth.

“We’ve seen all time highs in terms of population, in terms of our labour force, 587,000 people working in Saskatchewan, which is the highest that we’ve ever seen,” said Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Immigration, Jobs, Skills and Training. “Employment is up 14,000 over the course over the last year, so very strong numbers reflecting a strong economy.

“We take measures in regards to increases in funding in Adult Basic Education, in terms of apprenticeship funding, and we’re seeing the lowest youth unemployment rate in the entire country, which is good news,” he added. “It means that our young people are taking advantage of opportunities and taking advantage of jobs that are being created.”

Annually, job growth in the utility sector was up 15.5%,  with forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas up 10.3%, and construction up 7.7%.

Harrison adds that although the province may face challenges in the labour market, the overall result has been positive.

“We know we face challenges in terms of a labour shortage here in the province, specifically in certain sectors,” he said. “We know that’s a challenge and we work to address those challenges, but we just overall see these numbers as being reflective of a strong economy, an economy that’s moving forward. In terms of the Swift Current/Moose Jaw economic region in particular, we have the lowest unemployment rate out of any economic region in the entire country at 1.3%. We know that challenges come along with that, but those are better than the challenges associated with people having to move to Alberta or elsewhere to find employment.”

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