Saskatchewan Manufacturing Sales Highest In Country Last Year

Written by Tara Garcia on Thursday, 22 January 2015

Saskatchewan Manufacturing Sales Highest In Country Last Year Economic Development SouthWest Saskatchewan  Statistics Canada Saskatchewan Manufacturing

A report released by Statistics Canada, show’s that Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sales greatly increased last year.

On a year-to-year basis, sales were up 6.2% in the province, while sales were only up 2.6% nationally.

Daryle Crane, Controller with Batco Manufacturing says they certainly noticed an increase last year.

” A dramatic increase from our standpoint. We purchased a product line that was previously produced within the local area as well. But it’s more than doubled what we experienced for sales from the previous year.”

When asked why he thinks Saskatchewan is doing so well, Crane said that policies around facilitating growth in the area are contributing to the increase in sales.

“Well there are alot of thing’s that the province has going well. One is that policies are designed around facilitating growth to businesses. It will attract new businesses into the area because they don’t get crippled with tax hits or unfavourable tax rates for the work force. Those just tend to facilitate growth within a province.”

Saskatchewan had the highest percentage increase among provinces last year.

Crane says that going into 2015 the trend they are expecting is continued growth.

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