Free Ice Fishing for Family Day Weekend

Written by Shanna Empey on Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Free Ice Fishing for Family Day Weekend SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Cypress Hills & Area Attractions

Saskatchewan is offering free fishing throughout the province for the Family Day Weekend.

Similar to the annual free weekend of summer fishing, the Ministry of Environment is allowing for a weekend to ice fish without a license.

“For that weekend, you do not need a license, that was the one criteria, and that would include non-residents of Saskatchewan, so if someone from Alberta was coming in, they wouldn’t need a license either,” said Kerry Wrishko, Supervisor of Conservation Officers in Saskatoon. “However, if they are going to try to take the fish back to Alberta, that is export the fish, then they would need to buy a fishing license. The only one difference is under the ice you are allowed to use two fishing lines.”

Wrishko adds with the number of accidents on the ice this year, caution can’t be stressed enough.

“You always have to be cautious any time you are going on the ice. There’s no doubt, and you should be testing the ice thickness before you travel or walk on it. There are minimum recommendations to walk on the ice, make sure it is at least 10cm of ice, and 30cm for a light vehicle.”

The free fishing weekend does not apply to the province’s National Parks.

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