Gull Lake Winterfest Survey

The Winterfest Committee is always looking for new a activities and ways to improve the Winterfest Event.  So if you attended any part of our Winterfest Event please help us make next year’s event better by taking this short survey.

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  • I would like to say 3 Cheers to Gull Lake’s Mayor Blake Campbell. There are very few towns, cities, large or small where the Mayor is as involved in the community as our Mayor is. There are many communities where you can see the Mayor at some of the events, usually “just attending”…but our Mayor gives 110% of his time and energy. There are very few Mayors that would take a ride down the winterfest Luge!! You can always see our Mayor at some time during the day or evening walking about Town, speaking with residents, and checking on streets etc around town. Thank you Mayor Blake for being such an active Mayor, and being concerned about our community!!

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