DroneFest – Antelope Lake Regional Park , July 25-26th, 2015

Location: Antelope Lake (North of Gull Lake), SK

Drones have exploded in popularity among consumers in the past few years. Once just the domain of the military, drones are priced as low as $20 in some stores, while commercially available units can scale upwards of $100,000.00

From companies using drones for delivery, to farmers using drones to monitor their livestock, the applications for drone use are immense.

For that reason, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan is proud to host the very first DroneFest in Canada. For two days in July, pilots and drone enthusiasts from across the country will descend upon Antelope Lake Regional Park to learn about drones, show off their own drones, and take in the Drone Air Show.

Workshops in  April, May and June – to help build interest in the coming DroneFest and potential applications workshops will be offered that will illustrate the applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) in a wide variety of industries.

Watch this site for more information on dates, times and programming for the 2015 DroneFest.

Via: Cypress Hills Destination Area

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