Our Volunteers: The Communities In Bloom Committee

Volunteers in Gull Lake Saskatchewan

Gull Lake is fortunate to have many residents that volunteer their time to help make our community a better place to live.   Each month a group, organization, or committee will be featured in a post on the town website. The Communities in Bloom Committee will be meeting this week to start planning for this year’s projects for Gull Lake’s participation in the Provincial CIB Program.

The CIB program is about fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement. The Committee has certainly done a commendable job over the past 2 years giving the downtown a much needed facelift.  The group has also done an incredible job getting residents involved with community cleanups, and yard competitions.

Gull Lake has never looked better, and the CIB Committee will continue to build on its existing programs, and create more opportunities for residents to get involved.

Members of the Communities in Bloom Committee are:

Ed Lowenberger

Committee Members:
Blake Campbell
Bernice Reed
Bev Potter
Craig Baird
Dawnette Peterson
Lea Stevenson
Sara Kuntz
Shelly Bryant
Wendy Klein

The Town Council extends a big thanks to the Gull Lake Communities in Bloom Committee, Volunteers, and Residents for helping keep our community looking great!!

Mayor Campbell

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