Cypress Health CEO Named to Health Quality Council Board

Written by Shanna Empey on Thursday, 05 March 2015

Cypress Health CEO Named to Health Quality Council Board Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority Saskatchewan

Leaders from health regions, clinical practice and the industry have been newly appointed to the board of Saskatchewan’s Health Quality Council, including Cypress Health Region CEO Beth Vachon.

“The expertise the Health Quality Council has really is in good strong metrics and measurement for health quality and safety, so that’s always at the top of our mind and we’ve worked with Health Quality Council over the years,” she said. “They’ve provided assistance to the region when we’re looking at how we’re measuring things, how we’re tracking our progress, so I just see that as a continuation and that won’t change.

“I guess what I’m excited about is having the opportunity to be part of what it is that they’re working on and just shaping how that organization goes into the future for the Saskatchewan healthcare system,” she added. “The Health Quality Council has always been a very collaborative partner within our health system, so it’s exciting to work with people who are also working in health in a variety of different areas, but when you have people also who work in the private sector who can bring that experience as far as that quality continuous improvement that they’re using. It’s a good opportunity to really think about what are some of the ways we can take what others are using and have learned, and bring that into more effective ways to improve quality and safety in healthcare.”

The other newly appointed members include the CEO of the Five Hills Region Chery Craig, Tom Kishchuck – CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Canada, and Radville family physician Dr. Werner Oberholzer.

The Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, the first of its kind for Canada, was first launched in 2002.

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