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First Responder Training opportunities enhancing EMS services across the Cypress Health Region

Friends helping friends; when an emergency situation arises and an ambulance is en route a First Responder can provide care, comfort, and potentially lifesaving emergency medical services (EMS) until the ambulance arrives.

 The Cypress Health Region is providing assistance to offer the Red Cross First Responder program to several communities this spring to help establish new and enhance existing First Responder programs.
When a person places a 9-1-1 call, the dispatcher alerts an ambulance to the appropriate location. Given the geographical landscape of southwest Saskatchewan this trip can take time. While the ambulance is on its way First Responders, who live in or near the location, are also dispatched. Often able to arrive on the scene first, a First Responder can make a huge difference in the situation by providing life-saving skills such as CPR, controlling bleeding, and providing oxygen while also offering comfort and support to the patient and/or their families.
“If you are in an emergency, especially if you are alone, it is important and comforting to have someone arrive as soon as possible who knows what to do and that’s exactly what a first responder is,” commented Bob Dyke, First Responder Coordinator for Cypress Health. “We are working with communities to offer first responder training so that more community members are trained in this very important role.”
A First Responder can be any member of a community over the age of 18. Many are local farmers and ranchers, retirees, volunteer fire fighters, and other community members. Almost anyone can be trained to become a First Responder.
The Cypress Health Region is assisting in offering the 40-hour Red Cross First Responder program in Eastend (March 13-15 and 27-29), Morse (March 20-22 and 27-29), and Ponteix (April 10-12 and 17-19). Some of the costs of training and setting up a First Responder community team is being covered by the Cypress Health Region
through local municipal offices. Additional opportunities in other communities will be available after the busy seeding season as well as in the fall and winter months.
Being a First Responder is a volunteer position. The Red Cross First Responder program requires a current CPR-C card as a prerequisite. CPR courses are available in most communities. Once an individual successfully completes the First Responder training they are licensed by the Government of Saskatchewan as an EMS provider and must re-certify every two years to ensure up-to-date training. There are presently 1,200 registered First Responders in Saskatchewan.
For a complete list of community offerings and dates please visit the Cypress Health Region website at or call Bob Dyke at 306-741-6640. Bob can also assist interested persons in finding a CPR course near them.

via SW Sask News – Prairie Post – Prairie Post

First Responder Training opportunities enhancing EMS services across the Cypress Health Region Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan

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