New Holmium Laser Put to Use at Cypress Regional Hospital

Written by Colin Powers on Monday, 16 March 2015

New Holmium Laser Put to Use at Cypress Regional Hospital Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority   Cypress Regional Hospital Urologist Dr. Garcia (foreground) used the Versapulse Holmium Laser for the first time last week (Photo: Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation)

The first procedure with Cypress Regional Hospital’s new Versapulse holmium laser was performed last week.

The laser was purchased for the hospital by the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation after a successful fundraising campaign in 2014, which included last fall’s “Your Family’s Health” Radiothon.

“It’s nice to be able to offer this level of care and equipment, we’re only the third city in the province to have a holmium laser,” said Sean Finell, Special Events and Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Foundation. “Dr. Garcia used it for some stone surgery, so kidney stones and bladder stones, the Versapulse holmium laser can break them up without there being too much surgery. There’s no sutures, there’s no need for incisions, it can actually go in and do the job, and give the patient a lot of relief.”

Finell adds the acquisition of the laser is another example of the dollars contributed to the foundation by donors across the southwest being put to work in the region.

“The foundation does everything it can to help out, but without the donors, we don’t have anything,” he added. “We had over $132,000 raised over the course of Radiothon and just shortly after, all toward the purchase of the holmium laser.”

This year, the Foundation will launch a fundraising campaign to equip furnish Swift Current’s new Long-Term Care Facility, along with other projects for the Western Senior Citizens Home expansion in Leader and improvements to the laboratory in Ponteix.

Finell adds they will kick off the Long-Term Care campaign with an antique auction on April 19th, and they are looking for donations of antiques for the sale. Those needing more information can contact the foundation office.

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