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Saskatchewan Makes Improvements to Immigrant Nominee Program

Written by Shanna Empey on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Saskatchewan Makes Improvements to Immigrant Nominee Program Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Jobs Government of Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program will see some changes following consultations with stakeholders to improve processing times, attract investment and foster job creation.

The improvements will mainly focus on the entrepreneur category, with slight changes to the program criteria and a new online application system to speed up the process.

Immigration, Jobs, Skills, and Training Minister Jeremy Harrison, says what used to be five separate streams in the Entrepreneur and Farm category has been moved into two streams.

“We changed the application process such that it will all be web-based now, which is going to allow us to process high quality applications in a much more timely way. This is something that we’ve heard that those that have utilized this system have been asking for. We are going to be changing the program criteria a bit,” he explained. “We’re going to be allocating approximately 250 positions per year through the new changes to the program. We hope to see some very high quality applications, we know that there are high quality applications that we’ve seen already, but we want to be able to make sure that we can process those as rapidly as possible and therefore have those applicants move through the system more quickly.”

Harrison says that the good faith deposit of $75,000 has also been removed from the program.

“What we did with that is instead of granting permanent residency upon landing with the good faith deposit, we instead have asked that entrepreneurs coming into Saskatchewan with this program to first settle and establish their business in a meaningful way prior to providing the nomination for permanent residency,” said Harrison. “What we’re hoping to see is an increased retention of those that are making those investments here in Saskatchewan and an increased likelihood that those entrepreneurs will be staying the province and helping to build the province.”

Over 900 entrepreneurs have been nominated for the program since 2007.

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