Saskatchewan Unemployment Rates Remain Strong

Written by Shanna Empey on Saturday, 11 April 2015

Saskatchewan Unemployment Rates Remain Strong Economic Development Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Unemployment Rate Statistics Canada Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan continues to maintain the lowest unemployment rate in the country, in addition to boasting an increase in job numbers.

The province has held the lowest unemployment rate in Canada for the 18th month straight at 4.4 per cent in March, well below the 6.8 per cent recorded nationally, according to Statistics Canada.

“We had 6,400 new jobs compared to March of 2014, an all time high, and all full time jobs as well. There were more people working in the month of March than the history of the province, and still 11,500 jobs on, so some very good news showing our continued economic strength and momentum,” said Immigration, Jobs, Skills, and Training Minister, Jeremy Harrison. “We had the lowest unemployment rate amongst youth in the entire country, which is nearly five per cent lower than the national average. Unemployment amongst Aboriginals fell nearly three per cent year-over-year, all time highs for March in labour force participation and employment, along with full time employment and female employment, and what it all speaks to is a diversified economy.”

“We know we’ve had some real challenges with regard to the very sharp decline in the price of oil, which has created challenges, but the rest of our economy is doing incredibly well in terms of picking up any slack that we see in that particular sector,” added Harrison. “We saw market increases year-over-year in business and building and other support services, in education, in healthcare. We have seen year-over-year increases in a large and varied number of categories across the province, So it really does speak to that diversified economy, and the ability to create jobs, and continue to create opportunity for Saskatchewan people, even when we have challenges in one particular sector.”

Harrison adds Swift Current has been one of the most successful economic areas in the entirety of Canada over the last few years.

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