Communities in Bloom Committee Compost Centre Recycling Project Complete

The CIB Committee has completed their Compost Centre Recycling Project located on the west side of town just off McGillvary Ave.  It is available for disposal of yard and household wastes, such as vegetable wastes, lawn clippings, leaves and kitchen wastes.

What to Compost:

Vegetable peelings • Rotten fruit • Leaves • Coffee grounds • Tea leaves • Dry leaves, grass and plant stalks • Shredded newsprint (non-toxic inks only) or brown paper (egg paper bags) • Cut-up cardboards (recycle large pieces) • Corncobs • Straw • Other paper (unbleached paper towels, napkins, etc. – wet is okay, not greasy) • Rinsed, crushed eggshells • Pet hair, to help discourage rodents • Fireplace ash • Dryer lint.

What not to Compost:

Grease, oils or fats• Bread or bread products • Rice Pastas Salad dressings or sauces • Dairy products • Nuts or nut butters • Fish • Meat • Bones • Kitty Litter • Ash from barbecues or coal• Treated wood products • Tree Branches (may be disposed of free of charge at the Landfill).

For more information please contact the Town Office (306) 672-3361.

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