Public Health Management System Sees Improvements in the Cypress Health Region

Written by Dillon Reil on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

fluclinic 2013 copy

The Panorama Project is an integrated public health management system and is designed to deal with diseases, outbreaks, immunization and inventories.

“When fully implemented Panaorama will replace two systems we’ve been using previously to track immunization in the province as well as to coordinate communicable disease follow ups.” said Public Health Nurse for the Cypress Health Region Krista Tournier.

The improvements from Panarama have already been seen in the health region.

“We’ve already noticed an improvement with that, just to be able to track the vaccines that we have in our health region, with our inventory and ordering component. As well as making sure that individuals immunization records are complete, confidential and all in one place.” said Tournier.

The system will ensure that medical practicioners have a complete history and prediction of vaccines for a patient.

via Local News

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