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Mayor’s 2015 Spring Report

Mayor’s 2015 Spring Report Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Community Communities in Bloom  I would like to start my report by welcoming Paul Oevering to the town crew. Paul officially takes on his new position as Town Foreman next Tuesday. I would also like to congratulate Doug Vold on completing his Class 1 water and wastewater certification.

At the February 11th, regular meeting a delegation from the RM of Gull Lake attended a portion of the meeting to discuss the Green Terminal Road. The RM representatives reported that there has been some headway on having the road designated as a dangerous goods route. Some funding will be available to help pave the road and move the project forward. To that end, the Town agreed to a financial contribution of $200,000 payable in annual instalments of $10,000 to help with the paving costs.

With the advancement of technology, many councils have moved to paperless meetings. Council has now made the move to paperless meetings. Technology now allows Council members can receive information well ahead of a Council or Committee meetings. It also makes accessing information from past meetings much easier and more efficient. Council passed a motion to allow up to $300.00 per Council member to purchase a tablet or other device to help facilitate the move.

At the March 11th meeting, Sargent Blais and Corporal Hunter attended a portion of the meeting to discuss policing priorities. Of greatest concern to Council was the amount of traffic and speeding vehicles on the Truck Route. The RCMP shared our concerns and said they would be taking steps to help improve the problem.

Also, an offer made by Robin Gill to purchase lots 25-26-27 for placement of commercial storage units was accepted. The lots are located between The Gull Lake Advance and Karis Contracting.

The Facilitator from the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association is currently compiling the Community Needs Assessment completed by residents earlier this year. The results are expected to be complied shortly to be reviewed by Council. Once the results have been reviewed, the report will be made available to residents. Council is also looking to SEDA to help facilitate some strategic long-term planning to assist the council in setting and achieving some long-term goals.

Major road repairs were made to portions of Queens Avenue and 7th Street in the industrial area along with some other minor roadwork. Concrete Curb and Gutter has been installed along two blocks of 3rd Street and paving is expected to start shortly. Mobile Paving will be paving on 3rd street from Rutland Avenue to Lake Avenue and a repair on 2nd street between Queens Avenue and Lake Avenue. The total cost of the paving project will be $296,895. The town also will be doing some additional street repairs and typically, $25,000 to $35,000 is spent on additional maintenance. The total cost of the repairs to the industrial area has yet to be calculated but is expected to be in the neighborhood of $100,000.

The streets are in need of sweeping, unfortunately, our Street Sweeper is permanently out of service.  Council is currently looking at purchasing a used sweeper in good condition to replace the old one.  If all goes well we hope to see the new sweeper on the streets sometime in the next two weeks.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Communities in Bloom Committee for organizing and planning Gull Lake’s entry in the 2015 CIB competitive competition.  The group has done a great job over the past two years improving the look and feel of our town.  So far this year they have established the compost site on the west of town and have other plans to beautify the town.  If you see a call out for volunteers by the Committee please take the time to help them if you can.  Their efforts have really made a major difference to our town and are greatly appreciated by Council.

Mayor Campbell

Mayor’s 2015 Spring Report Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Community Communities in Bloom

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