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Cypress Health Strives for Quality Long-Term Care

Written by Dillon Reil on Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cypress Health Strives for Quality Long-Term Care Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority   Beth Vachon, CEO for the Cypress Health Region

The investigation into the death of a 74 year old Regina woman in the Santa Maria Seniors Home sparked questions about long-term care in Saskatchewan.

Last week, a report by Ombudsman Mary McFadyen into the death of the woman concluded that nursing homes are under strain and there are gaps in long-term care. She had 19 recommendations, ranging from improving communication with families to publicly reporting whether facilities are meeting guidelines.

The provincial government reviewed the guidelines of special care following the report. Meanwhile, the Cypress Health Region has been already working on improvements to its facilities.

“Within the Cypress Health Region long-term care comprises just under five hundred beds within our region. It’s an area that we’ve been actively working on as long as we had beds, but really in the last number of years looking at how we ensure we’re providing good quality care in the Cypress Health Region and long-term care facilities.” said Beth Vachon, CEO for the Cypress Health Region.

Vachon says the ombudsman’s findings were unfortunate and something our region works daily to avoid.

“We have been working for many years to really ensure that we’re offering quality care within our long-term care facilities. But having said that, we’re also known there’re always ways for improvement and that’s what we’re striving for everyday – working with our staff that provide good care and really know the residents that they care for.” said Vachon.

Four recommendations focused widely on improvements to the province’s long-term care system.  The Ministry of Health will work with health system partners to:

1) Ensure all health regions create and use policies and procedures to regulate standards of care in the program guidelines for special-care homes, and identify specific, measurable indicators or outcomes that will be tracked and reported.
2) Implement a process to publicly report on how long-term care facilities are meeting the standards in the program guidelines.
3) Set out detailed steps for handling of concerns and the appeal process within the program guidelines.
4) Develop and implement a long-term care strategy to meet the needs of long-term care residents and to address the factors affecting the quality of long-term care in Saskatchewan.

via Local News

Cypress Health Strives for Quality Long-Term Care Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority

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