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Enhanced Obstetrical Care in Southwest

Written by Shanna Empey on Monday, 25 May 2015

Dr. Michael Kapusta, Family Physician; Dr. Kevin Wasko, Family Physician; Liz DeMaere, Salus Global

The Cypress Health Region launched the Salus Global moreOB program last Friday in order to enhance the obstetrical care units within the Cypress Regional Hospital.

Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently, or moreOB, is an interdisciplinary and continuous patient safety improvement program that focuses on decreasing adverse events and clinical errors by ensuring all staff are involved in safety efforts.

Family Physician with the Cypress Health Region and one of the core team members of the moreOB program, Michael Kaputsa, says the program was first launched province-wide in Alberta number of years back.

“They did a study looking at some numbers before the program was launched and then after it, and it helps to reduce infant mortality, it helped reduce severe infant illnesses like severe infections and respiratory problems, it also reduced the number of infants that were on ventilators and reduced the number of admissions to the NICU,” he explained. “The program offers us a way to collaborate together to work on patient safety in the region. It’s a really exciting program, the staff are very excited. I think that it will help to make the care in the Cypress Health Region even safer. We’re really proud of the care that we provide and we’re eager to make it even better.”

The moreOB training is formally endorsed by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and has been provided to more than 13,000 caregivers and administrators in an effort to eliminate autonomous silos among professionals, communication gaps, uncoordinated teamwork, blame cultures, and organizational hierarchy.

“The program has many features, but some of the ones that I am most excited about are interdisciplinary learning, drills which allow us to practice emergency scenarios, and team building and communication exercises,” added Kaputsa. “The program initially starts over three years and each year builds on learning from the previous year.”

Since the formal launch, the moreOB program has advanced to the implementation stage, where all team members will come together on the same page of the first module, Learning Together.

via Local News

Enhanced Obstetrical Care in Southwest Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority

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