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Buzzard Coulee Meteorite at T.rex Discovery Centre

Written by Shanna Empey on Monday, 29 June 2015
Photo Credit: Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s T.rex Discovery Centre in Eastend has a brand new exhibit on display, and it really rocks.

The Buzzard Coulee meteorite that was recovered from a meteor that streaked across the sky seven years ago near Lloydminster currently sits on display, and will be there for the summer.

Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Tim Tokaryk, says this is the first time the T.rex Discovery Centre in Eastend has ever had a meteorite.

“We’ve never really focused on that aspect. We’ve benefited greatly from the individuals who donated the piece to us, Ian and Alex Mitchel. There’s only about sixteen known meteorites that have hit Saskatchewan, and they wanted a sample to be preserved in perpetuity for the people of Saskatchewan, so this whole thing all started with their very nice and kind donation,” he explained. “This is a meteorite that was collected in 2008 after it was quite vividly recorded, heard, and seen. The one that hit Saskatchewan was about the size of a desk when it first hit our atmosphere, flying at about 14 kilometers per second, and may have weighed ten tons originally before it would break up in the atmosphere.”

Tokaryk says he believes this could be the first time there has ever been a meteorite on display anywhere in Saskatchewan in the province’s history, which could mean great things in discovering our universe.

“A meteorite is a extra-terrestrial object, and they come in various types and various sizes. These rocks tell us and have the advantage of telling us what our early universe and our solar system and our whole idea of what is out there is based on, so the collection, recovery, and study of these meteorites is extremely important,” he added.

The T-Rex Discovery Centre will display a sample of the original meteorite until the end of the summer.

via Local News

Buzzard Coulee Meteorite at T.rex Discovery Centre SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  T.rex Dicovery Centre Cypress Hills & Area Attractions

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