Redneck Betties: the Movie Fundraiser Totals $550 for Lyceum Theatre

Written by Shanna Empey on Friday, 24 July 2015
lyceumtheatre copyThe Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan

The Redneck Betties: the Movie Fundraiser at the Lyceum Theatre went over well in Gull Lake on Wednesday.

This being the first time Dead Prairies Productions has taken their films outside of Swift Current, the event raised $550 for the Lyceum Theatre to upgrade its lobby and popcorn machine.

“We had about fifty people show up,” said Dead Prairies Productions’ Devon Oman. “We had some pop and hotdogs outside, and we had the Betties doing some skate entertainment outside.”

He says there are more plans for the small town, as they plan on shooting their next zombie film in Gull Lake.

“We’re actually thinking about shooting in Gull Lake for Zombeggedon 2, part of the scenes anyways. I’ve went out there a few times, and it just seems like great support over there and great for a zombie film.”

Oman adds shooting the next film won’t be until next year.

via Local News

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