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Dronefest’s First Flight a Success

Written by Joey Donnelly on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Chris Healy from Inflight Data talking to attendees of Dronefest

Western Canada’s first drone festival took place at Antelope Lake last weekend, 25 km north of Gull Lake.

The unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for personal use and in business.

“Everybody who came out, more or less, stayed the day. We had comments from people, said they really enjoyed it, learned a lot,” said Craig Baird organiser and founder of the Gull Lake Dronefest. “We’re planning on having it next year – have a small little air show in one place, and a larger big event in another place.”

At least fifty people packed the Antelope Lake Hall. Baird says he’s working with Transport Canada to have the license for an air show next year.  Baird expects that the popularity of this festival will grow.

“The RCMP is starting to use drones to fight crime and things like that. But also with agriculture, there’re a lot of agricultural uses. The uses of agriculture actually really improve things like yields and efficiency. We some companies come and talk about that and the huge amounts of ways that these can be used from analyzing crops through infrared to counting livestock,” Baird said.

To learn more about the festival, visit

via Local News

Dronefest's First Flight a Success SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Dronefest Antelope Lake Regional Park

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