Winners of the 2015 Communities in Bloom Competitions

This week the winners of the various Communities in Bloom Competitions were revealed. Chairman Ed Lowenberger and Mayor Blake Campbell took some time to present the winners with a sign to post in their yard and a small gift.  The winners are as follows:

Business Flower Pot Competition

Town of Gull Lake Office Staff


Sara Kuntz (Left) & Ed Lowenberger (Right)

Backyard Competition

Kim Holizki


 Tianna Holizki, Jalayna Holizki, Kim Holizki, and Ed Lowenberger

Curb Appeal Competition

Lee McNabb


 Ed Lowenberger (Right) & Lee McNabb (Right)

Floral Display Competition

Gull Lake Special Care Home Ladies Auxiliary


Ed Lownberger, Shelley Dawson-Briere (Manager Gull Lake Special Care Centre), Rhonda Bradley (Gull Lake Special Care Home Ladies Auxiliary)

DSCF1989 DSCF1990 DSCF1991 DSCF1996 DSCF1995 DSCF1994 DSCF1993 DSCF1992 DSCF1997 DSCF1999

Vegetable Garden Competition

Lee McNabb


Ed Lowenberger (Left) & Lee McNabb (Right)

The Communities in Bloom Committee would like to extend a big thanks to all the contestants that competed in this year’s competitions. Congratulations to all of the winners, and special thanks to our judges Cheryle Grimshaw and Dianne Robinson


  • Congratulations to all the winners. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to meet with each of you and present you each with a special gift Hope to see you all in the completion again in 2016.


  • Congratulations to Gull Lake, the pictures look great. Can I ask how Indian Head did in the contest as we visited there in July and it looked fantastic, especially the dahlia displays in Grand Avenue


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