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Communities in Bloom Judges Arrive Thursday August 6th

Communities in Bloom Judges Arrive Thursday August 6th Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Environment Community Communities in Bloom

The Communities in Bloom Committee has had a busy 2015 preparing for the arrival of the Cib judges on August 6th. This year the Cib had decorative flower pots installed on selected power poles on Rutland Ave and the Downtown Area. Work was done at the Xeroscape Garden with the addition of mulch, and a fence will be erected next year. The group planted a number of trees around town and held some work bees where they cleaned up and trimmed trees in the downtown and entrances. Flower pots were also added next to the electronic community sign on Conrad Avenue

The Committee implemented two new programs to recognize residents for the work they do keeping their yards looking great. The Yards of the Week program recognized two yards each week for the efforts made by the owners for having yards that were neat and well kept. The yards were featured in a post on the Town Website, Community Calendar, and Town Facebook Page. The second program was called the, “Door Knocker Program” where committee members left “Door Knockers” on homes to recognize owners for their efforts in keeping their property looking neat and tidy. A total of 48 “Door Knockers” were given out by the Committee.

The Committee continued expanding on the Community Profile Book that gives judges a chance to see what our community is all about. Volunteers Wendy Kline and Sara Kuntz did an excellent job this year updating and adding new material to the Committees Profile Book.

The Committee hopes to pick up some points in the environmental category with the new recycling Totes residents now have the opportunity to recycle more at home. Town Council has also entered into an agreement with the RM of Carmichael to reopen the Recycle Centre with larger bins in the very near future. The bigger recycle bins will give local residents a place to take large cardboard boxes or other larger recyclable items that will not fit in the Totes at home. In addition, it will give rural residents a place close to home where they can bring their recyclable material.

The Committee would like to thank the following:

The Town Crew for all of their hard work and efforts in helping make our town look great. This year the crew helped the committee by installing the flower pots and banners on the polls and other projects. The painting of the curbs also looks sharp, streets are swept and the town looks great!

Thanks to the Cemetery Committee for all their hard work and efforts in keeping the Cemetery looking well-mannered with the many improvements they have made.

Thanks to the Tourism Committee for all the work they have done at the Museum and to the Staff at the Campground for their hard work keeping our campsite looking so good.

Thanks to the Businesses for all the work they do keeping their businesses looking great with all the attractive floral displays.

Last but not least thanks to the Residents of Gull Lake for all of their efforts in keep in their property and the town looking neat and tidy. The Communities in Bloom Program is all about having pride in our Community, which is something we have no shortage of here in Gull Lake.


Blake Campbell

Communities in Bloom Judges Arrive Thursday August 6th Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Environment Community Communities in Bloom

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