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Gull Lake Welcomes Communities in Bloom Judges Larry and Donna Hall

Gull Lake Welcomes Communities in Bloom Judges Larry and Donna Hall GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Communities in Bloom
The Gull Lake Communities in Bloom Committee and Town Council extend a warm welcome to Cib Judges Larry and Donna Hall.  The Judges will be meeting with Mayor Campbell and the Cib Committee today at 9 AM at the Town Hall.  The judges will be touring Gull Lake and evaluating our community, including the Downtown, Cemetery, Recreation Facilities, Wong Guy Shoe Shop, Lyceum Theater, Park, Residential Streets, North & South Entrances and Landfill.

The Judges will be evaluation criteria include:

  • Tidiness
    Tidiness includes an overall tidiness effort by the municipality, businesses, institutions and the residents throughout the community.  Elements for evaluation are parks and green spaces, medians, boulevards, sidewalks, streets; municipal, commercial, institutional and residential properties; ditches, road shoulders, vacant lots, signs and buildings;  weed control, litter clean-up (including cigarette butts and gum), graffiti and vandalism programs.
  • Environmental Action
    Environmental action includes the efforts and achievement of the community with respect to: policies, by-laws, programs and best practices, waste reduction and diversion rate to landfill, composting sites, landfill sites, hazardous waste collections, water conservation, naturalization, and environmental stewardship activities under the guiding principles of sustainable development pertaining to green spaces.
  • Heritage Conservation
    Heritage Conservation includes efforts to preserve natural heritage within the community with focus on the integration of landscape and streetscapes in built heritage: preservation of natural heritage pertaining to monuments, memorials, artifacts, museums and history, archives, traditions, customs, festivals and celebrations in relation to parks and green spaces in the community.  The participation of groups such as Historical Societies and Conservation Groups are considered.
  • Urban Forestry
    Urban Forestry includes the efforts of the municipality, businesses, institutions and citizens with regards to written policies, by-laws, standards for tree management (selection, planting, and maintenance), long and short-term management plans, tree replacement policies, tree inventory, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), heritage, memorial and commemorative trees.
  • Landscape
    Landscape includes planning, design, construction and maintenance of parks and green spaces suitable for the intended use and location on a year-round basis.  Elements for evaluation include: native and introduced materials; balance of plants, materials and constructed elements; appropriate integration of hard surfaces and art elements, use of turf and groundcovers.  Landscape design should harmonize the interests of all sectors of the community.  Standards of execution and maintenance should demonstrate best practices, including quality of naturalization, use of groundcovers and wildflowers along with turf management.
  • Floral Displays
    Floral Displays evaluates efforts of the municipality, businesses, institutions and citizens to design, plan, execute, and maintain floral displays of high quality standards. Evaluation includes the design and arrangements of flowers and plants (annuals, perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses) in the context of originality, distribution, location, diversity and balance, colour, and harmony. This pertains to flowerbeds, carpet bedding, containers, baskets and window boxes

During the evaluation, Judges give valuable feedback that can be used by the committee to help improve next years score. The evaluation takes a few hours and once complete the judges take their observations and determine a score. The score will be made available in a few weeks.


Blake Campbell

Gull Lake Welcomes Communities in Bloom Judges Larry and Donna Hall GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Communities in Bloom

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