Province Announces Second Free Fishing Weekend –

Written by Joey Donnelly

Province Announces Second Free Fishing Weekend - Government SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Fishing Environment

Saskatchewan residents can enjoy a second free fishing weekend this summer on August 29 and 30th.

Bob Skaftfeld, Fisheries Program and Policy Specialist with Saskatchewan Environment explains that the second weekend is being offered due to the extreme wildfire conditions earlier this summer.

“The ministry felt there was a number of people that probably didn’t have the opportunity to get out with their family and friends, so it was felt that a second free weekend was in order. Those folks who didn’t have a chance to get out because of the smoke and the conditions could now get out and enjoy that,” he said.

Free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a license. Residents are also reminded to be respectful of any fire bans that may be in effect over the free fishing weekend.

“All of the limits and rules and regulations apply except that people don’t require a license to actually angle,” he said.

Skaftfeld suggests contacting the local Saskatchewan Environment field office for suggestions on where to go fishing and to pick up the provincial angler`s guide.

Province Announces Second Free Fishing Weekend –

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