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Cypress Health will conduct more frequent surveys

Written by  Matthew Liebenberg

The Cypress Health Region is conducting more frequent surveys of long-term care residents and their family members to address any issues of concerns.

Cypress Health CEO Beth Vachon said the health region has been conducting monthly surveys with long-term care residents or their family members for about six months.
She provided an update on the health region’s approach to patient-family centred care at a Cypress Regional Health Authority meeting Aug. 12.
“It’s just an opportunity to connect in the building with residents, staff, family members, and then over the phone as well with family members,” she said.
The health region conducts an annual survey of long-term care residents in November, but that data is only compiled into a patient experience report by the following February. It therefore does not provide information right away.
“So we’ve decided that survey will be done every other year,” she said. “We’ll be launching it again in November, we’ll get the results in February, but we also felt it was important to be talking to people face to face, getting that input, their suggestions for input, what is working really well, what they like about the kind of care that we give them and then with that we’re often able to make adjustments on the spot and in talking with the manager or staff.”
Senior leaders will pick one or two long-term care facilities each month and residents in these facilities are then selected in a random fashion for interviews.
“We go and actually do resident interviews and if the resident isn’t able to give us the information then we call the family members and get information from them about eight questions,” she said. “We ask things like do the staff treat you with dignity and respect, do you like the food, is your heat managed well, does the doctor come and see you when you want to see a doctor, do you like the activities that are happening here.”
This change to the survey approach will not have any consequences for the health region’s reporting requirements on long-term care facilities to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.
“The requirement is once a year the CEO tours every facility,” Vachon said. “I’m in our facilities far more than that and then the surveys also takes us into all of the facilities throughout the year. So we do the tour for the ministry to submit the information that they require, but we also do these ones every month regardless.”
The health region requires that regular resident-family council meetings take place in all long-term care facilities. These meetings are supposed to take place at least quarterly, but it can also be scheduled more frequently if required.
“It’s really an opportunity to talk about any upcoming changes or things that are going to be happening in the facility,” she said.
She referred to the example of interior renovations at the long-term care facilities in Gull Lake and Herbert, which were done in consultation with the resident-family councils.
“These were the councils that actually helped to choose the colours and the materials we were going to use,” she said. “It is also an opportunity to talk about what’s going well, what would be even better if we did something else, are there things that we need to stop doing and start doing.”

via SW Sask News – Prairie Post – Prairie Post

Cypress Health will conduct more frequent surveys SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority

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