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Written by Penny Schreiner

Farmers have been making good progress with the harvest despite the recent rain delay which brought over 4 inches to parts of the Southeast.

Some of the late rain events have resulted in some crop damage ranging from sprouting and bleaching to staining, which causes the crop to be downgraded.

A return to warmer weather should help with the harvest over the next few days.

Shannon Friesen is the Province’s Cropping Management Specialist. She says, “40% of the crop is now in the bin. That is up from 29% last week. We are well ahead of the five year average which is only 25%. And we are even more ahead of where we were this time last year, which was only 14%.”

Producers in the southwest are most advanced at 61% complete, the southeast is at 59%, 33% in the west-central region, 22% in the east-central-northwestern regions, and 20% in the northeast.

Source: Harvest Conditions Around the Province – SwiftCurrentOnline.com

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