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Gull Lake Town Council Raises Landfill Rates

Gull Lake Town Council Raises Landfill Rates Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Landfill Community

The Town of Gull Lake owns and operates its landfill and is responsible for ensuring that it operates in an environmentally-sound manner.  The Ministry of Environment (MOE) is responsible for regulating landfills to ensure landfills do not contaminate the air, groundwater or surface water.  The MOE issues permits (construction/ expansion, operating and closure), reviews environmental monitoring results, inspects landfills and enforces permit requirements.

All future trenches require a Permit to Construct and Approval from the MOE under The Environmental Management and Protection Act 2010 .  This involves an engineered site assessment and design plan which may lead to the installation of seepage barrier systems, groundwater monitoring systems, and leachate collection and management systems.  The costs for this process will be significant.  The current trench was dug in 2014 at a cost of $12,000.00.  Costs for a site assessment alone could reach $45,000.00.

The Town of Gull Lake has funded the landfill through the collection of fees and property taxes. Unfortunately, the increase in rates will not raise enough funds to cover the cost of future trenches. Council will need to explore the best options for continuing the operation of the landfill which could mean the digging of another trench or possibly moving to a transfer station. Both options will have significant costs associated with them.

The plan for now is to prolong the life of the existing trench for as long as possible. Council immediately stopped the dumping of commercial garbage originating from the town in the landfill by Waste Management. Additionally, anyone wanting to haul demolition materials (excluding shingles) to the landfill will need to obtain permission from Council.  Non-residents will also pay more to help offset the costs of accepting waste originating outside of town limits.

The Town Council thanks you for your understanding, and if you have any questions please call the Town Office at 306-672-3361.

Mayor Campbell

The information that follows will also be available on the Town Website and at the Town Office.


Town of Gull Lake

Landfill Fees

Effective October 1, 2015

Resident: Refuse originating from within the limits of the Town of Gull Lake

Non-Resident: Refuse originating from outside the Town of Gull Lake




1 Ton & Under

(pickup trucks, single axle trailers)



Over 1 Ton – 3 Ton

(grain trucks, tandem axle trailers, end dump trailers)



Tandem & Over



Appliances Containing Refrigerant (Freon)

$40.00/ appliance

$40.00/ appliance


$150.00 per house

$300.00 per house

Waste must be sorted & designated area must be utilized (metal, clean wood, waste).

Leaves and garden refuse must be in clear bags, deposited in designated area and removed from bags – NO CHARGE. Trees, branches and clean, unpainted, untreated wood  – NO CHARGE.

The following materials will NOT be accepted at the Landfill:  Grain bags, hazardous materials, contaminated soils, asbestos, animal carcasses, grain, straw, oil, oil filters, oil jugs, vehicle batteries, propane tanks, fuel tanks, wire, chemical containers, electronics, paint or tires.

Demolition material accepted only with prior Council approval (excluding shingles).

Access outside of normal operating hours: $40.00 Access Fee + Applicable Landfill Fee

NO CHARGING – loads must be paid prior to unloading.

Gull Lake Town Council Raises Landfill Rates Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Landfill Community

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