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Classroom Champions mentoring program returns to southwest Sask. schools

Canada’s summer athletes inspired the nation during the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

 Luckily for some students the excitement didn’t end with the closing ceremonies.
Classroom Champions and a group of dedicated athlete mentors have taken an active role in education, and students now experience the power of sport all through the school year.
Students at Shaunavon Elementary, Gull Lake School and Consul School will have the opportunity to get in on the experience this school year thanks to the renewed commitment of Crescent Point Energy. These fortunate classrooms have been partnered with World Cup Bronze Medal and Olympic Doubles Luge team, Tristan Walker and Justin Snith.
“Classroom Champions is one of our most important and influential community partners. We’re excited to support the program again for this school year,” said Scott Saxberg, president and CEO of Crescent Point Energy.
“Our company has always emphasized giving back and making a difference in the areas where we live, work and operate. Connecting the children of Shaunavon with a world-class athlete who can serve as a role model, mentor and leader for their classroom is a unique opportunity for everyone involved.”
Classroom Champions connects top performing athletes with students in a type of virtual pen pal relationship. Using video lessons and live video chats students are motivated to recognize their potential, set goals and dream big. It’s the first and only in-school program that brings Olympians and Paralympians into the classroom to provide ongoing mentorship.
As part of the program, participating classrooms are equipped with the latest technology tools — tablets, televisions, laptops — to help teachers incorporate digital literacy into their curriculum.
“We’re excited for another year that brings more students, more teachers and more schools to the Classroom Champions family. The amazing success teachers across Canada have had using the lessons from their Athlete Mentors to improve goal setting, perseverance, and leadership in their classrooms continues to be something we are really proud of. It truly shows the power of connecting athletes doing big things with kids who need inspiration,” said Classroom Champions President and CEO, Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler.
Laurie Benjamin, a returning teacher at Consul School, is just one of the educators participating in Classroom Champions who has seen major positive changes in her students throughout the program.
“Our first year as part of this program was fabulous. The kids responded so well to the lessons taught by our athlete mentor. They could remember all of the themes we worked on throughout the year and were so excited to be able to meet him in person at the end of the school year.”
“We are beyond amazed and proud at what our students have achieved,” stated Tristan. “We are always excited to see the work of the students we mentor, and to see them take our words and put them into action. It’s what makes Classroom Champions such a unique program for me as an athlete to be a part of.”

via SW Sask News – Prairie Post – Prairie Post

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