Province Focuses More on Senior Care with Purposeful Rounding –

Written by Drew Medve

The province is doing more to put a focus on senior care.

The Cypress Health Region will begin data collecting for Purposeful Rounding, a new recommendation from the latest Ombudsman report to improve seniors care in long term care facilities in the province.

Purposeful Rounding is a push to combine fall prevention, woundcare management and medication management into one simple checklist for care aids to check off, improving residents’ overall care and well being.

$1 million dollars was allocated for this from the provincial government. Cypress Health CEO Beth Vachon says it will be implemented in all regions.

“Purposeful rouding means there’s some very specific things that our staff will do each time they do their rounds and its checking on all those things. It gives our residents that security to know that someone will come in and check things with me.The Ombudsman report on long term care came about and there was some provincial recommendations that all health regions will be implementing. There’s a desire on the part of the government ministry and health regions to do some focus on seniors care and this is part of that.”

The health region will be doing a rapid process improvement workshop this week in Herbert to begin the initiative.

Source: Province Focuses More on Senior Care with Purposeful Rounding –

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