Premier Brad Wall Hopes Election Results Will Bring Pipelines Back In The Spotlight –

Premier Brad Wall Hopes Election Results Will Bring Pipelines Back In The Spotlight - Agriculture Government Oil & Gas  Saskatchewan Oil Price Oil Pipelines Government of Saskatchewan Government of Canada

Written by Tara Garcia

The country has spoken and a newly appointed Liberal majority government will be leading the country for the next four years.

When asked if he was surprised by the result, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said that if they were looking at the beginning polling numbers that were seen in August, they would all admit some surprise tonight but he gives credit to the Liberal government for the campaign they ran.

Wall adds that he looks forward to working with the newly elected government.

“I want to congratulate the Prime Minister designate Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals on a big majority government win. I also want to thank Mr. Harper, the outgoing government. We worked together on infrastructure issues, carbon capture sequestration, on the access for our uranium in markets like India and China and we’re grateful for the work we were able to do with them and now we look forward to continuing that work, working on behalf of Saskatchewan people with the new federal government lead by Prime Minister Trudeau.”

Although a Liberal government will be running the country, it was Conservative candidate David Anderson who won the local riding and Wall says Anderson is an excellent MP and looks forward to working with him.

In beginning to work with the Liberal government, Wall explains some of the issues he hopes to work with them on.

“We would like to see continued support for agriculture. We would like to see continued federal support for crop science including GMO and we would like to see them ratify TPP. It’s hugely important to the provinces agricultural sector, to our forestry sector, to our agricultural manufacturers like Batco right in my home town of Swift Current.”

In addition we would also like to see the federal Liberal government move ahead with approval for pipelines says Wall.

“In Saskatchewan we have a sector hit by low oil prices. That sector has never asked for a bail out, that’s what other sectors have done in Canada when they have fallen on hard times. Rather the energy sector says and Saskatchewan says we just simply want to get to other markets and we want to get a maximum value for our product.”

In regards to proportional government and changes in the way democracy works within the country, Wall hopes that time is not wasted on the senate, as he does not think we’re going to get meaningful reform.

Instead Wall says they have issues of the economy, infrastructure and agriculture that they wish to raise with the government.

Source: Premier Brad Wall Hopes Election Results Will Bring Pipelines Back In The Spotlight –

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