Communities in Bloom Judges 2015 Evaluation is Here

The CIB Committee will be evaluating the official results of the Communities in Bloom Judges Evaluation. Gull Lake had another successful year in the CIB program scoring 4 out of 5 Blooms in the competitive category. Below are some of the highlights of the evaluation:


We had a most enjoyable tour. The bus is amazing, not just for touring judges around but for the entire community.

We note from last year that you have accomplished a great deal and taken to heart suggestions made by last year judges, particularly in regards to recognition of volunteer and the cleanup of the mini golf. Good for you.  Several projects were started and/or completed and we congratulate your committee and council for continuing to take on new projects with vigor and excitement.  Of particular note, we are excited to see you take on Wong’s Shoe Repair. What an incredible unique find and one that will reap many accolades in the future. We would suggest you begin to look for grants to tackle such a big project. Try the Community Initiatives — Spaces and Places grant through the Community Initiative Fund.

We are impressed with you profile book — well done.

Cooperation between the R.M. and the Town is notable.

TIDINESS (Scored 119 points out of 150 points)

Judges Observations

We found your town extremely well mowed. Cemeteries, memorial forest, ball diamonds and residents all are well maintained. There is a noticeable lack of litter and there seems to be an adequate number of garbage and recycle containers that are well used. Rewarding residents has definitely paid off. We love the idea of using your web site to showcase residential yards. Your door knocker program has obviously paid off.

Congratulations to the council and CiB committee for the work you do to engage residents and businesses to keep the community as neat as it is.  Congratulations also for the initiative in getting main street buildings repainted.

We commend the Kinettes for the fine job they did in rejuvenating the mini golf course. Well Done!

Judges Recommendations:

We noted that a lot of your sidewalks are in need of repair. We would suggest an alternative to cement, such as rubber paving or hard packed crusher dust. Rubber paving may seem expensive at first glance but if you consider that you do not have to remove the old cement and it doesn’t deteriorate it could be an excellent choice.

Investigate the possibility of keeping the tall grass and weeds controlled in the brownfield site. Perhaps the land owner would contract with the town to cut it on a regular basis.

Also take an inventory of your signs. Some are in need of attention (i.e. Little Green Park).

ENVIORMENTAL ACTION (Scored 115 points out of 150 points)

Judges Observations

We were very pleased to see the provision of metered raw water to your new sub division, as well as the bulk service outlet. This is a great initiative.

Taking the initiative to use contracted garbage and recycle bins is a great way to save on the landfill and also educate homeowners on recycling. Good job

The start of the compost area is also worth noting. We were pleased to hear that s.gnage for the area is in progress.

Your main street area shows you were thinking of the environment when you purchased benches made of recycled materials, the use of self-watering pots and the establishment of the Xeriscape Park.

Judges Recommendations:

The municipal pool is ideally situated for the use of some solar heating for the water.  This would go a long way to help with the heating costs.

The use of recycled tires on weathered sidewalks is a good environmental initiative.  Check with Eastend to see how their project is working.

Continue to promote the community garden and expand when demand warrants. Perhaps some fruit trees would have a pleasing effect and use lots of mulch to preserve water.

Heritage Conservation (Scored 117 points out of 150 points)

Judges Observations

We were very impressed with this area. The maintenance of heritage buildings and It is clear that you take the preservation of historic signage of such is excellent.  buildings very seriously. This is demonstrated particularly in the Old Ranch House #76. It dates back to the late 1800’s and has seen many different occupants. It is still in use today as a School Division office. We agree the Lyceum Theatre is of special note. What an incredible asset to your community as is the work done on the Senior Citizens Hall. We look forward to seeing what can happen with Wong Shore Repair Shop. This store is a major challenge but also a great opportunity. The signage you have done on your heritage sites is incredible. The use of a phone app for your walking tour is cutting edge and we applaud the individual who created it and for the CiB committee in making it happen.

Heritage murals at the curling rink are outstanding.


Judges Recommendations:

Your cemeteries are well maintained but are very labor intensive. Plots recessed at ground level so only mowing is required and no whipper snipping would save a lot of time.

We would recommend that when you determine what symbol represents your town that you use it throughout all of your promotions.

URBAN FORESTRY (Scored 131.5 points out of 175 points)

Judges Observations

The trees on the boulevards are amazing and very well maintained. The trees in Little Green Park that are marked “In Memory Of” are really nice.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Grove is an excellent example Of what can be accomplished by a lot of dedicated individuals that impart their knowledge to school children.  Hopefully this project will grow into a beautiful wildlife habitat where more learning can take place.

It is good to see that boulevard trees are being provided to residents and that diversity in varieties are selected for planting. The plan for fruit trees is a great idea and, as seen in other communities, is a very welcome addition to the community.

Judges Recommendations:

The trees at the south end of Proton St. need some attention to correct the pruning that was done.

Would it be possible to use the trees in the Memorial Forest as a source of trees to homeowners and replaced with inexpensive seedlings?

LANDSCAPE (Scored 159.5 points out of 200 points)

Judges Observations

We were very impressed with the neatness and the management of the turf around your town. There is a very good use of mulch and lots of praise goes out to the Care Home. The Care Home, as well as Autumn House, is very well kept. We liked the use Of raised beds.

Judges Recommendations:

Now that your homeowners have taken CiB seriously perhaps they could be encouraged to move away from lawns and become more creative in yard development. This would add some added spirit to the town.

Recognize individuals or organizations who have contributed to the landscape by using small signs placed near the area. This could include those who do watering at a particular spot, those who care for planters, those who trim along fences, etc.

Floral Displays (Scored 129 points out of 175 points)

Judges Observations

We like the pots you are using. Continue purchasing more on a yearly basis. The window boxes on the town office is impressive and shows how you can use different shades of green, different heights and splashes of color to really make an impact.

Judges Recommendations:

You might like to try some perennials for color and variety in pocket park areas. Your community has a lot of green and could be punctuated with more co or. Consider using big planters instead of going to too many pole planters. Tt will provide greater options for a variety of plants.

The institutions in your community are doing a great job but businesses need more encouragement.

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