Saskatchewan Recycling Initiative Starts in January –

Saskatchewan Recycling Initiative Starts in January - Government  Saskatchewan Recycling Environment

Written by Joey Donnelly

A province wide recycling program that will help reduce the amount of waste will begin in January.

The Multi-Material Recycling Program is a cost-shared initiative between businesses and municipalities that will provide funding for the collection of recyclable materials. Materials include printed paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass packaging.

Environment Minster Herb Cox explains how the program will work.

“Up to 75 per cent of the cost of the landfills cost will be passed onto the municipalities that are in the program, and that are running recycling programs,” he said.

During the first year of the program, only businesses with an annual revenue over 5 million dollars will have to take part.

Businesses which generate less that $2 million in gross annual revenue, generate less than one tonne of paper per year, or operate as a single point of retail are permanently exempt from participating in MMRP.

Source: Saskatchewan Recycling Initiative Starts in January –

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