Winterfest Committee Looking for Members and Volunteers

Volunteers in Gull Lake Saskatchewan

The Winterfest Committee was formed by council in 2012, and charged with the responsibility of developing a yearly event for Gull Lake. The event itself was to be a unique event that not only would be of interest to our local residents, but also be an event that others from neighboring communities would come to see. After much deliberation, the Committee decided on an event that would be held in the winter and thus, “Winterfest” was born. The original date was to be Family Day, but since it has been moved forward to the week after Family Day as not to compete with other neighboring community’s events.

The Committee has been working hard over the last three years tweaking the events activities to draw people out. The Committee has room for more members and can always use plenty of volunteers. The Committee will hold its first meeting on November 21st, 2015. So if you are interested in sitting on the board or helping with the Event just give the Town Office call (306) 672-3361.

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