Wall Seeks Balanced Approach on Climate Change Policies – SwiftCurrentOnline.com

Written by Joey Donnelly

SaskPower has announced plans to generate half of its power through renewable sources in 15 years.

The crown utility says it’s going to develop wind, solar and geothermal power to double the percentage of electrical renewable energy — although details about where wind or solar facilities might be located still have to be worked out.

Speaking in Ottawa yesterday at the first ministers meeting, Premier Brad Wall says plans to reduce emissions must also reflect the importance of the oil and gas sector.

“We need to do better in terms of our record on climate change – our province needs to do better. But we can’t forget the economy. We can not forget the jobs that quite literally are at stake in a sector that’s undergoing a lot of stress right now due to $40 oil. We’ve got to find that right balance because that economy, those jobs are broadening our tax base and paying of our quality of life that we want for all Canadians,” Wall said.

Under the new plan, SaskPower will still use coal and look to carbon capture to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On Sunday, Alberta announced it would introduce a carbon tax across the board, joining British Columbia in phasing in a $30 per tonne price on carbon emissions, while phasing out coal-burning power plants within 15 years.

Premier Wall and his fellow premiers will join the Canadian delegation at the climate change talks in Paris. Today’s is Premier Wall’s 50th birthday.

Source: Wall Seeks Balanced Approach on Climate Change Policies – SwiftCurrentOnline.com

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