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Council adopted an Employee Code of Conduct at the last meeting of Council held on December 23rd/2015. The Code of Conduct reflects the core values; Accountability, Dedication, Honesty, Innovation, Respect, and Teamwork.  You can view the Employee of Conduct by going to:

All members of Council also submitted their, Public Disclosure Statements.   All members of Council are required to complete a, “Public Disclosure Statement” and disclose the following information (information disclosure applies to the Councilor, their Spouse, and dependent children): Employer, Corporate Interests, Disclosure of Partnerships, Disclosure of Business Arrangements (arrangements with the municipality or as deemed necessary by council), Disclosure of Property Holdings; Disclosure of Contracts and Agreements (items such as lease agreements, or contracts with an area developer).  All Public Disclosure statements are on file at the Town Office and are considered public information.

The next step will be for Council to adopt a Code of Ethics as part of the new conflict of interest guidelines established by the Provincial Government for municipalities.

Mayor Campbell

Via: February 2016 Town Newsletter


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