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Gull Lake Rink Board Chase the Ace Fundraiser

Gull Lake Rink Board Chase the Ace Fundraiser GULL LAKE  Gull Lake Recreation Complex

CHASE THE ACE IS IN GULL LAKE!  Buy a ticket each week to support Gull Lake Skating Rink and to earn your chance to find the ace and win the jackpot!

Gull Lake Recreation Complex Chase the Ace Rules

To participate, each player must purchase a two-part, numbered ticket from any of the following locations in Gull Lake, SK: Western Financial Group, Gull Lake Skating Rink, Town of Gull Lake Office or Innovation Credit Union.

Tickets cost $5 each, payable by cash or cheque, with no multiple ticket price option, and no limit on the amount of tickets that can be purchased for a draw,

Ticket sales commence at 1pm on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 and conclude no later than Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017.

Tickets are available from 1pm Wednesday of each week and conclude the following Tuesday at 11am. At 11am on Tuesday, the money ad tickets will be collected from each of the 4 ticket sales locations. The draw will be made at 1pm each Tuesday at the Town of Gull Lake Office by a member of the Gull Lake and Area Recreation Board, with 2 witnesses present at time of draw.  The winners name, ticket number and amount won will be recorded by the recreation director.

50% of the weekly sales will go directly to Gull Lake Skating Rink, 20% of the weekly sales will go to the wining ticket holder and the remaining 30% of the weekly sales will go into the jackpot.

I addition to Winning 20% of the weekly sales, each wining ticket holder will have a chance to randomly select a card from a deck made up of ace to king cards in the following suits figure skate, hockey stick, hockey net ad Greyhound logo. If the Greyhound ace is drawn, the drawer wins all of the money in the jackpot. If the Greyhound ace is not drawn, the selected card is destroyed and the 30% of the weekly sales goes into the jackpot for the following week’s draw,

Prior to the draw, the cards will be flipped over to show that the Greyhound ace is indeed in the deck. The cards will then be shuffled and the winner allowed to draw. Following the draw, the cards will be locked up in the Town of Gull Lake vault, where they will remain until the next draw.

The Winner need not be present to win their 20% of the prize money. They will be contacted via the phone number provided on the ticket to inform them that they have won, and prize pick-up arrangements will be made with the recreation director.

The holder of the winning ticket has 24 hours, from 1pm on Tuesday until 1pm on Wednesday, to draw from the card deck at the Town of Gull Lake office for the chance to win the jackpot. If the winner does not draw in the allotted 24 hours, the money stays in the jackpot for the following weeks draw.

Minimum jackpot is $500. This minimum jackpot amount is in place in the event that the Greyhound ace is drawn before the accumulated jackpot reaches that amount. Once the jackpot reaches the guaranteed amount, the guarantee is eliminated and the jackpot will build based solely o sales.

All winnings will be paid by cheque.

Members of the Gull Lake and Area Recreation Complex Board are allowed to participate.

No refunds will be issued for ticket purchase price.

If winning ticket contains more than one name, the Gull Lake and Area Recreation Complex Board and SLGA are not responsible for any disputes which may arise between those winners.

Players must be minimum 19 years of age.

The weekly winner will be notified and will be announced on Facebook and the Town of Gull Lake website.

When the Greyhound ace is drawn, the game is over.

Via: Gull Lake Rink Board CHASE the ACE

Gull Lake Rink Board Chase the Ace Fundraiser GULL LAKE  Gull Lake Recreation Complex

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