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Communities in Bloom Projects Making a Difference

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Gull Lake Communities in Bloom Program is making a difference in our community.  Last year, Communities in Bloom Judges made a number of positive comments about our community in their evaluation.

  • “We had a most enjoyable tour. The bus is amazing, not just for touring judges around but for the entire community.”
  • “We found your town extremely well mowed. Cemeteries, memorial forest, ball diamonds and residents all are well maintained.”
  • “There is a noticeable lack of litter and there seems to be an adequate number of garbage and recycle containers that are well used
  • “Congratulations also for the initiative in getting main street buildings repainted.”
  • “We commend the Kinettes for the fine job they did in rejuvenating the mini golf course. Well Done!”
  • “We were very pleased to see the provision of metered raw water to your new sub division, as well as the bulk service outlet. This is a great initiative.”
  • “Taking the initiative to use contracted garbage and recycle bins is a great way to save on the landfill and also educate homeowners on recycling. Good job”
  • “We look forward to seeing what can happen with Wong Shore Repair Shop. This store is a major challenge but also a great opportunity. The signage you have done on your heritage sites is incredible.”
  • “Heritage murals at the curling rink are outstanding.”
  • “The trees on the boulevards are amazing and very well maintained. The trees in Little Green Park that are marked “In Memory Of” are really nice.”
  • “The Sean Taylor Memorial Grove is an excellent example Of what can be accomplished by a lot of dedicated individuals that impart their knowledge to school children”
  • “We were very impressed with the neatness and the management of the turf around your town. There is a very good use of mulch and lots of praise goes out to the Care Home. The Care Home, as well as Autumn House, is very well kept. We liked the use Of raised beds.”
  • “The institutions in your community are doing a great job”

Many projects are planned this year and the committee would appreciate any help you can offer. If there is a project that interests you, or you just want to help, the CIB Committee needs you. There will be a meeting on May 4th @ 7PM at the Town Office and everyone is welcome to attend.

Communities in Bloom Committee

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