Gull Lake School attends the Chinook Board Meeting

Gull Lake School attends the Chinook Board Meeting Education GULL LAKE  Gull Lake School Chinook School Division

Gull Lake School visited the Chinook Board meeting on Monday to talk about their Robotics club. They were very excited to share their school’s passion for providing extra-curricular activities that meet the diverse interest levels of our students.

Students Tyler Myers, Caleb Orton, Dayne Stenson, and Dylan Cooke, along with their teacher leader Mr. Reece Digney, shared information about the Robotics club. They talked about the “My Robot Rumble” competition they will be competing in at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and gave a short demonstration with their sumo-bots that will be going to competition.

Good luck to all Chinook students competing in the My Robot Rumble on Thursday!

Via: Chinook School Division

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