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Gull Lake Cemetery Improvements Continue

Gull Lake Cemetery Improvements Continue Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Gull Lake Cemetery Committee Community

The Gull Lake Cemetery Committee was first formed in 2010 as an advisory committee to Town Council. The Committee’s role is to help promote and encourage the enjoyment and appreciation of the Cemetery; It Identifies opportunities for the enhancement of the Cemetery; Assists in the restoration, preservation and maintenance on the Cemetery grounds; In a well-planned and respectful manner. Since then the Committee members have made several recommendations and organized a number of work bees and have made significant improvements to the cemetery.

One of the first projects the committee undertook was a restoration project in the South West corner of the cemetery. A number of bushes grew around a number of graves making it impossible to view them. The committee removed the bushes in that section and targeted bushes in other locations and had them removed also. Today all the graves are visible, and the cemetery has never looked better.

The Committee have also provided a number of recommendations to Town Council that have helped with the look and feel of the cemetery. Some of the improvements include the following:

The recommendations have led to a number of improvements with the addition of a new sign that is visible to the highway, a shelter with mapping, row markers to complement the mapping, and several memorial benches have been added. Improvements over the last few years have totaled approximately $10,000 coming from memorial donations.

This year the cemetery will see the addition of a columbarium to be placed in the new section.  The committee will also continue pressure washing a number of grave covers and headstones. So far, this year approximately 30 to 40 covers and headstones have been cleaned and more will be done before the en of the season.

These projects and improvements have made a real difference and would not have been possible if it were not for the Cemetery Committee, their Volunteers and Town Crew. The Committee is always looking for volunteers so if you would like to help call the town office (306)-672-3361.

Mayor Campbell



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